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Forest Edge Elementary, Reston. VA

Snow Day-Forest Edge Elementary Reston VA.jpg
Snow Day in front of Forest Edge Elementary School in Reston, VA.

Reston Town Center

View of Market Street, standing in front of Il Fornaio (off St. Francis Street) in Reston Town Center.

Reston Town Center

The Christmas Tree on Market Street in Reston Town Center.

Reston Town Center

View of Freedom Dr. from St Francis St. in Reston Town Center. (Location: Savoy at Reston Town Center)

Reston Regional Library

Reston Library and parking lot

Old Distillery Building in Reston

Restons old building not far from RTC.jpg
Old building in Reston near the WO&D trail. It's still there with new development growing around it.

Reston International Center

Reston International Center.jpg
This is an image from the Reston paper of the view showing the Reston International Center. It's interesting to see how undeveloped everything is compared to now.

Lake Anne Elementary School

Lake Anne Elementary desgin.jpg
This picture was taken right before the school was opening for it's first school year after being built.

Construction of Forest Edge Elementary.

Building Forest Edge elementary in 1970.jpg
This picture was take in 1971 showing the progess of the school being built.


Summer, 2013