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1982 Christmas Front Door at Herndon United Methodist Church when it was located at 655 Spring Street, Herndon, Virginia

Church door.JPG
In 1982 the congregation of Herndon United Methodist Church at 655 Spring Street in Herndon, Va decorated the front door for Christmas. Notice the stained glass window above the red doors. This congregation relocated to 701 Bennett Street in…

Downtown Herndon--Station Street 2012

Downtown Herndon 2012.jpg
This is Station Street in Downtown Herndon 2012. Located in these old buildings are a hair salon, a restaurant--The Breeze and a bicycle exercise business.

Downtown Herndon--Harvest Bread Company

Downtown Herndon including Harvest Bread Company 2012.jpg
Historical downtown Herndon on Station Street April 2012. The Harvest Bread Company is located in the first building on the right. This building at one time was the Herndon Clothes Closet which still exists in further down the street. The pink…

1986 Reconstruction First Baptist Church 681 Elden Street, Herndon

He Baptist 2.JPG
The First Baptist Church at 681 Elden Street in 1986 left only the front rock wall standing as they dug down for a basement addition to enlarge the building's space. After the basement was dug out the rocks that had been saved from the old church…

Herndon Depot Museum 2012

Herndon Depot Museum 2012.jpg
The Herndon Train Depot, 1857, is now a visitor center, placed on national register of historic places in 1979. It houses the Herndon museum operated by The Herndon Historical Society.It is located at the corner of Station and Lynn Street.

Herndon Fire Company 404, 2012

Herndon Fire Station Company 404 2012.jpg
This is a photo of the Herndon Fire Station located on Spring Street in Herndon, Va. Taken in 2012, the fire company # 404 is in the process of beginning a reconstruction that will give them underground parking and more space for the busy fire…

Herndon Mural 2011

Herndon Mural 2011.jpg
This Mural was painted by local artists on the side of the Nachman building which can be viewed from Station Street in downtown Herndon, Virginia. It was painted in 2011 and it represents the Nachman family and other Herndon history.

Christmas 1981 Herndon United Methodist Church, 655 Spring Street, Herndon, Virginia

Hernon United Methodist Church on Spring Street.JPG
This is Christmas 1981 at then Herndon United Methodist Church which moved the stained glass windows shown in this photo to their new building on 701 Bennett Street, Herndon, Va in 1987.

Iglesia Pentecostal EL Calvario, 2012
655 Spring St, Herndon, VA 20170

Iglesias 2012.jpg
This historical building at 655 Spring Street was originally the home of the Herndon United Methodist Church until 1987 when they removed the stained glass windows in the Spring Street building and moved them to their new church building at 701…