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Paxton Manor

Paxton Manor at Leesburg, VA

Oatlands Plantation

Leesburg, VA

Oatlands Plantation

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Leesburg, VA

The Big Ugly

The Big Ugly.JPG
This building was built in downtown Historic Fredericksburg. Locals refer to it as "The Big Ugly"

Courthouse Construction

Construction at the New Court house in Fredericksburg.JPG
A lot of new construction surrounding the new courthouse in historic downtown Fredericksburg.

Gunston Hall

Gunston Hall.jpg
Gunston Hall, the home of George Mason IV, as seen from the Potomac side.

Jackson, Thomas Jonathan ("Stonewall")

Bronze sculpture by Joseph P. Pollia (1893–1954) is approx 13 foot tall on a 6 foot black granite base. Monument stands in the approximate position General Jackson was holding at First Manassas.

View of the hills at Oatlands

I was visiting Oatlands Plantation in Leesburg Va and thought the hills looked beautiful. I also paint and wanted to capture the image so I could oil paint it the Oatlands hills and trees at some point.

Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant at Mount Vernon

Restaurant located at Mount Vernon in Alexandria, VA