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Paxton Manor

Paxton Manor at Leesburg, VA

Mt. Vernon

Mt. Vernon

Sunset Memorial

Air Force Memorial

Nike Missile Site

2013-03-30 15.04.23.jpg
near the former Lorton Prison

Can't Beat the View from the Barn

This image was taken from the inside of the reconstructed 16-sided treading barn at George Washington's Mount Vernon. The barn was designed and invented by Washington in 1791 to help process and thresh wheat.

This location is not the original…

George Washington's Gristmill and Distillery

To the right the viewer sees George Washington's Gristmill. This is the original location of the site, but the building itself is a 1923 reconstruction paid for by the Commonwealth of Virginia--commemorating Washington's 200th birthday.

In the…

Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant at Mount Vernon

Restaurant located at Mount Vernon in Alexandria, VA

Manassas Battlefields

picnic 152.jpg
This image was taken August 2007 in the Manassas Battlefields, the tree and bench have since been removed.

Dodona Manor

George C Marshall International Center.jpg
George C Marshall International Center