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View of the hills at Oatlands

I was visiting Oatlands Plantation in Leesburg Va and thought the hills looked beautiful. I also paint and wanted to capture the image so I could oil paint it the Oatlands hills and trees at some point.

Thomas Johnson (1824-1863)

Thomas Johnson statue on the Manassas battlefield

The First Public Telegraph office, Washington, DC

Samuel F.B. Morse Artist and inventor opened and operated on this site under the direction of the Post Office Department. The First Public Telegraph Office.

The Daguerre Monument, Washington, DC

The French artist Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre (1787-1851) became interested in the 1820s in trying to capture images photographically. In August 1839 his “Daguerreotype” technique–fixing an image on a light-sensitive, polished silver plate–was…

The Colvin Run Mill

An image of the historic mill still standing in Great Falls Virginia

The Big Ugly

The Big Ugly.JPG
This building was built in downtown Historic Fredericksburg. Locals refer to it as "The Big Ugly"

Sunset Memorial

Air Force Memorial

Sully Manor

Sully was the home of Richard Bland Lee, uncle of Robert E. Lee, and northern Virginia's first representative to congress. He lived here with his wife, Elizabeth Collins Lee, from 1794-1811. During the Lee residency, the farm was supported by…