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American Internet Exchange

The entrance sign for the American Internet Exchange tower, located in Sterling (Dulles), VA.

Chuck E Cheese's

The chuck E cheese of route 1

New shopping center on Church Rd. in Sterling, VA.

This is a photo of a newer shopping center in Sterling VA. The shopping center is located on Church Rd. near rt. 28.

New warehouse being constructed on Pacific Blvd. in Sterling, VA

This is a photo of a warehouse being constructed on Pacific Blvd. in Sterling, VA. (near Carmax)

Construction on Relocation Dr. in Sterling, VA.

This is a photo of construction on Relocation Dr. in Sterling Va.

New roundabout of Orbital headquarters in Sterling, VA.

This is a photo of a newly constructed roundabout on Warp Dr. in Sterling, VA near the Orbital campus. This road used to lead out as an exit to route 28 but is now a roundabout for Orbital on Warp Dr.

Kohls Department Store

Potomac View RD.jpg
on Mirror Ridge, next to the Loudoun campus

Merchant's Tire Store

Right across the street from the Loudoun campus

Parking Lot

Ridgetop Circle.jpg
Hyatt Place Parking lot off Ridgetop Circle, Sterling, VA


Fountains @ SweetWater.jpg
Water fountains behind Sweet Water Tavern restaurant in Sterling, VA