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The Pentagon

The Pentagon in Arlington, VA

Arlington Cemetery

Arlington Cem.JPG
Arlington National Cemetery occupying around 612 acres in Virginia off the Potomac River. Arlington became a military cemetery for more than 240,000 service members and their dependents.

Arlington Cemetery

Arlington Cemetery Entrance. VA

Cherrydale Homes. Then and Now.

The black and white photo was a Sears Catalog home. The colored photo is what has now been built where the Sears Catalog home was.

First Baptist Church of Clarendon.

The first picture is of the church then and the second picture is of the church now.

Sears Robuck store. Then and Now.

The first picture is of the Sears Robuck store in Clarendon then and the second picture is of what is there now.


Apartment Buildings in Arlington, VA. This photo was taken March 2010.