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A neighbor's house 1

DC 3.jpg
A neighbor's house 1

Massey Building Deconstruction

They had to manually remove all of the asbestos from the building so they have been removing and demolishing the interior, and sending all of the material down the exterior chutes you see in the pictures. Then they started taking out all of the…

George Mason University

George Mason University, Fairfax Va

Fairfax County Police Vehicle

Fairfax County Police.jpg
This is a picture of an old Fairfax County police cruiser

Pizzarama closed

shopping center in Fairfax, VA pizzarama after it closed down

After Thunderstorm

Tree fallen down in Falls Church,VA: summer of 2012. A few days after a disastrous thunderstorm.

Fairfax City Hall

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Fairfax City Hall: March 25,2013