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Cows on Silcott Springs (Route 690) on the way to Middleburg

My work requires me to drive to Middleburg quite a bit. On my way in the morning I always pass these cows. I have grown quite fond of them and wish I could stop and say hello but 690 is pretty busy in the morning and I usually don't have the time. I…

Farm near Waterford

I was driving past Waterford and noticed this beautiful hill and red barn. I took a picture while I was driving. Not the safest thing to do but I do love the photo especially the how the winter sky looks against the red barn.

Clouds at the Ridge

This is another picture I took while on a run from the back path of my neighborhood. The contrast between the clouds and the ground I thought was beautiful. In the distance is the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Sunset at the Ridge

I love going on runs on the back path in my neighborhood. There is a farm that my neighborhood backs to. You can view the Blue Ridge mountains and the sunrises and sunsets that you can see from the path are beautiful.

Madison's Trust Elementary School -- Opening Fall 2016

- Courtyard -.jpg
New School in Loudoun County is being constructed. Construction started in the spring of 2015 and the date for the completion will be in the Fall of 2016. With new homes being constructed and new families moving to Loudoun County more schools are…


East Gate Townhouse

East Gate Town Homes are new homes that have been just build this year in 2015. NOVA is currently building homes for new home buyers since the population in NOVA in increasing especially in Loudoun County.

South Riding Shopping Center

On July 1st of 2015, a new Walmart was opened by South Riding on route 50. Not just a Walmart but other shopping centers like Ross, Michaels, Dick's Sporting Goods and etc.

The Woods of Brambleton

The Woods at Brambleton are new apartment complexes that were in the process of being opened in the fall of 2014. They weren't completely finished but people could apply. TM associates bought the land and decided to do their work as low income…


Shreveport Ridge Apartments

They are new apartment complexes opened in the fall of 2014. TM associates bought the land and decided to do their work as low income housing complexes. Before the apartments, this teritory was just land and dirt. They are right next to The Woods of…


Ash George Road Log Cabin, 1847

Ash George Road log cabin.jpg
Log Cabin in Loudoun County built around 1847.