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Flooding on I-495

Sable Sept 8 2011.jpg
This image is of me driving a Jeep in a major flash flood on 495 near Fair Oaks Mall on Sept 8th 2011

Incoming storm

Storm and sunset on the Occoquan Reservoir

Peaking Rainbow

A rainbow shines over the Metropolitan Apartments in Leesburg, VA.

Rainbow in the Dark

RT 606.jpg
A rainbow shined through the dark clouds as rush-hour traffic began.

Severe Storm Aftermath in Springfield, VA

A tree fell on a residential home in Springfield VA during the severe storm that hit the NoVa area on June 4th, 2008.

Payne Road Flooded from Hurricane Sandy

Flooding of Payne Road, Pocomoke City, MD from Hurricane Sandy.

Tree fell down near DuPont circle

taek iphone 103.JPG
Tree fell down due to heavy wind of the Derecho storm

Be prepared to stop

taek iphone 021.JPG
Just a few branches that fell down from a tree during the storm.

Fallen Tree on street

taek iphone 002.JPG
I was driving by to look for parking spot and I saw that there was huge broken tree on the street.

Storm Damage 06/29

Storm Damage in Laurel, MD