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What Tree?

A pile of sawdust is all that remains of a huge dogwood tree that came down in the June 2012 derecho.

Walking path blocked by fallen tree

The path behind my neighborhood was completely blocked by a tree that was blown down by the storm.

Trees Down

Derecho Storm

Trees Down

This is one of many trees down in my neighborhood caused by Friday night storm, June 2012

Tree vs. Car

crunched car.JPG
June 30, 2012 Heavy winds and storms create power outages and destruction in the Northern Virginia area. This is a picture of a car smashed by a fallen tree during the above mentioned storm. This incident occurred in the Mount Vernon area near Fort…

Tree fell down near DuPont circle

taek iphone 103.JPG
Tree fell down due to heavy wind of the Derecho storm

Tree fallen on house

This is a friend's house after the storm. A large tree came down on the house, buckled the walls and crashed through the roof. Fortunately no one was injured.