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This picture was taken in my backyard of all the branches and trees that fell down from the storm.

Backyard takes a beating

june storm 2012 009.JPG
This is a picture of my friend's backyard after the June 29, 2012 storm that swept over the D.C. metropolitan area during the late night. Major power outages and property damage occurred.

Be prepared to stop

taek iphone 021.JPG
Just a few branches that fell down from a tree during the storm.

Blocked bike trail.

Tree blocking the bike trail at Potomac Falls.

Blocked path

Another one of the many tree trunks blocking paths in our neighborhood. This tree is still blocking the path which makes it more difficult to get from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Blocking the driveway

driveway tree.jpg
In order to get to my friend's driveway, you have to drive through the neighbor's field because of this little roadblock as a result of the June 2012 storm.

Blown Away

This fence was blown down and across the street in between Herndon and Oakton.


This is a picture of all the branches that came down just from my neighbors yard and the pile grew after this photo was taken.

Broken Tree

june 2012 and storm damage 075.JPG
June 29, 2012 a major storm roars through the D.C, Metropolitan area causing major damage to property and power lines. This is a picture of my friend's neighbor's property where a tree came down and caused major damage.

Broken tree branch.

Results from the storm in Sterling, VA from Friday, June 29, 2012