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Tree down after the storm Friday 29th, June 2012 near Sleepy Hollow Road in Falls Church, Virginia

A huge tree was down for a few days after the storm of Friday, 29th, June, 2012 near Sleepy Hollow Road in Falls Church, Virginia. I took the picture on July 2nd, 2012. The whole road was closed.

Tree Down after Friday's Storm.

A tree down in my neighborhood after Friday night's storm, June 2012.

Tree Down across the Street in Reston

As a result of the derecho storm of June 1012, this massive chestnut oak toppled across the residential street.

Tree Destroys Car during June 2012 Storm

Storm 2012 House.jpg
House in DC with tree falling on it.

Tree Damaged

Pictures from Friday's Derecho storm

Tree Crushes Car

Storm 2012 Crushed Car.jpg
Crushed car from Derecho Storm

Tree blown over by wind

Another tree on a path near my house was ripped out of the ground, roots and all by the wind from the storm.

Tree almost fell on car

Ruthies Iphone 4s 300.JPG
The tree fell and almost landed on the car right on Sterling Blvd

The view over the river into Washington, DC during the storm.

Ruthies Iphone 4s 303.PNG
Never in the 26 years of my life had I ever seen a sight like this one during the storm of June 29, 2012.