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2012 Storm aftermath

tree down 2.jpg
This is a picture of a tree that has fallen over. It broke down one set of power lines and is leaning on another set of power lines. This is on a small street in Northern Virginia off 123.

June 2012 Storm aftermath

tree down 3.jpg
Here a tree has fallen down and has taken out the power line and is blocking the street.

June 2012 Storm aftermath

tree down 4.jpg
This tree has fallen over a power line and has also taken out a street lamp. This is on a back road in Northern Virginia by 123.

June 2012 Storm aftermath

tree down 5.jpg
This is a close up of a tree that has taken down a power line in Norther Virginia. This is in a neighborhood by 123. About 2 trees down in a 1/2 mile road.

Crushed Lamp

A lamp found in South Riding, Virginia crushed by a tree after the storm on June 29,2012

Split Tree

A tree completely split in front of my house due to the storm in South Riding, Virginia on June 29, 2012.

Tree Down across the Street in Reston

As a result of the derecho storm of June 1012, this massive chestnut oak toppled across the residential street.

Blocking the driveway

driveway tree.jpg
In order to get to my friend's driveway, you have to drive through the neighbor's field because of this little roadblock as a result of the June 2012 storm.