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Storm of July 2012

Power Truck repairing stoplight in Montgomery County MD

Detour from Tree in Road

The road has been blocked in Oakton for about a week now and workers are just now starting to look at it.

Tangled Power Lines

A power line didn't fall into the road but the wires were ripped away. The wires are now scattered across the road in Oakton VA.

Caught Power Line

This tree smacked down the power lines during the storm. It has held them down for about 5 days now with no end in sight.

Limbs Down Derecho

These limbs scraped the side of this house all the way down. They were so lucky it didn't take off the whole side of the house.

Blown Away

This fence was blown down and across the street in between Herndon and Oakton.

Neighbor's tree fell

neighbors tree.jpg
A neighbor's tree fell due to the storm. It shows how powerful the storm was.

Post and tree fell

A pine tree and a post fell right in front of my neighbor's house. We lost power for about a week and still have no internet and tv. The post and tree cut down the cables.

How my neighbors cooked while having no electrical power!

neighbors cookout.jpg
My neighbors from Bolivia cooked their meals in this oven. Having no power due to the storm didn't stop them of making delicious meals.

How it looked after storm

how it looked after storm.jpg
This is how it looked after the storm. The neighborhood wasn't visible at all as there was no power.