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Defense Dr blocked by tree

cherry and defense street.jpg
The trees blocked the streets in the intersection of Cherry st and Defense dr., Falls Church.

Friend's car trapped by a huge branch

jholys car.jpg
My friend's car was trapped by a huge branch in the parking lot of his apartment.

Storm Damage 06/29

Storm Damage in Laurel, MD

Blocked bike trail.

Tree blocking the bike trail at Potomac Falls.

Lightning Storm.

Lightning as the derecho storm approaches.

Additional neighborhood Derecho damage

Tree broken almost to the point of entering someones house.

Extreme Derecho winds

The winds where so strong they managed to break this huge tree in half since the trunk wouldnt come out of the ground. This image displays the force of the winds that where present during this severe storm.

Storm aftermath.

storm pic 1.JPG
Tree loses fight with wind.

Derecho Storm aftermath.

storm pic 2.JPG
Nice truck. Not so nice hood ornament.

Derecho Storm Aftermath.

Tree snapped in half.