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Derecho Storm - June 29 2012

Damaged tree in Lorton VA

Derecho Storm - June 29 2012

Fallen tree in Lorton VA

Derecho Storm - June 29 2012

Fallen trees in Lorton VA

Broken Tree from June 2012 Storm

Off of Cascades Parkway across from Claude Moore Park, you can spot this tree narrowly missing the brick house behind it. It is crazy to think that suck an old, strong structure can be knocked down my fierce winds in no time. Im glad no one was hurt.…

Dugout demolished by the storm

The dugout at the baseball field of the local high school was completely knocked down by the storm last weekend (June 2012).

Shed knocked over by storm

The shed at the local high school was knocked over by the big storm last weekend (june 2012)

Storm Damage 6/29/12

Tree Damage from the storm June 29, 2012

Storm Damage 6/29/12

More tree damage from the June 29, 2012 storm

200 Year Old Tree Rests on Power Lines (June 2012)

This is a very old, large tree that fell over on power lines near the Potomac River on Rt-15. What is amazing is that the tree did not knock the lines off the pole, but rather the power lines are supporting this tree in mid air!

Trees Down

Derecho Storm