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Atlantic City from Sandy

Devastating flood damage in Atlantic City by hurricane Sandy

DC Home

DC home being wrecked by Sandy.jpg
DC's home destroyed by hurricane Sandy

VA House Damaged by Sandy

VA house being damaged by Sandy.jpg
Va home wrecked by hurricane Sandy

Billboard on Rt 175 Damaged by Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy damage to billboard on Rt 175 to Chincoteague Island, VA.

Flooding on Church Street from Hurricane Sandy

Flooding on Church Street, Chincoteague, VA after Hurricane Sandy

Cedar tree split by Hurricane Sandy

This is a Cedar tree that split in half at the Garden and Sea Inn, New Church, VA during Hurricane Sandy.

Flooding on Church Street from Hurricane Sandy

Flooding on Church Street, Chincoteage, VA after Hurricane Sandy.

Storm damage in Springfield, VA

storm damage II.jpg
Tree toppled by Hurricane Sandy.