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A rainy afternoon

A rainy afternoon in Woodbridge, VA

Autumn in Woodbridge

Autumn in Woodbridge.jpg
This picture was taken in late October 2011. It is located near the property of Rippon Middle School. Rippon Middle School occupies a tract of land that was once a part of an historical estate established in 1725 by Richard Blackburn of Rippon,…

Belmont Bay Sunrise

I run 3 miles every morning in my neighborhood of Belmont Bay. I run on the golf course that overlooks the Occoquan River and Mason Neck/Lorton.

New townhomes on Mill Street in Historic Occoquan

Row houses were built in the Victorian style on Mill Street in Historic Occoquan, right on the riverfront.

Occoquan River Rail Bridge

Former Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac bridge still heavily in use crossing the Potomac River.

Occoquon Lake

This is a little dam-like structure by the Occoquon Lake

Prince William County Fair

Rides at the prince william county fair

Prince William County Fair, 2015

The traditional county fair and the largest county fair in the state of virginia has been running for 66 years