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Woodrow Wilson Bridge

View of Woodrow Wilson Bridge from the Potomac River.

Fredericksburg Train Station

New Work at the Fredericksburg Train Station.JPG
Updates to the Fredericksburg train station.

Going up on the DC Metro Steps

Metro exit dc to federal triangle.

Bay Bridge

the bridge heading way to the Ocean City
summer 2013

D.C Traffic!

photo (4).jpg
Traffic was crazy one day while I drove down to D.C. for a Nats game. It was bumper to bumper!

Tysons Metro

photo (2).jpg
This is a picture of them continuing to construct the metro in the Tysons area. I couldn't get a picture in time but they are now running tests with the actual metro carts.

Construction of the Silver Line

The seemingly never-ending construction of the Silver Line in Tysons Corner is showing rapid progress.

Route 29, VA

Route 29 Lee Highway

Fairfx county parkway

Fairfax county parkway before getting to route 29