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Snow in Springfield

2-3 feet of snow in my backyard right after the winter 2010 blizzard.

Tree heavy with snow, leans onto a Springfield resident's home

The 2010 winter blizzard produced 2-3 feet of snowfall which caused this tree to lean over onto my neighbor's home. The tree was cut down soon after and there was no permanent damage to the house.

Snow Storm in 2014

Snow covered road. Linton Hall, Gainesville, Va.

Burke Lake - January 2011

Burke Lake Park 1.jpeg
This photo was taken in Burke Lake Park, looking on to Burke Lake. The lake was frozen over as it was wintertime.

Rare Snow Event

Little critters footsteps in snow.

Window onto the snow

a rare snow event

Fooled ya; it is really me, Spring!!

Fooled ya. It is really me, Spring.jpg
A very rare spring snowstorm hit the Washington region on 25 March 2013.

NOVA Ashburn/Reston area this morning.

A true School Spring Break: Right on!! Spring is on "break" this week! :P