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Honoring the Dead

Union soldiers built the Henry Hill Monument to commemorate those who died at the battle of the first (Bull Run) Manassas.

Filene Center

Wolf Trap Performing Arts Center in Vienna , VA

Great Falls, Virginia

Great Falls

Massey Building Deconstruction

They had to manually remove all of the asbestos from the building so they have been removing and demolishing the interior, and sending all of the material down the exterior chutes you see in the pictures. Then they started taking out all of the…

George Mason University

George Mason University, Fairfax Va

Stayer University

strayer University.jpg
45150 Russell Branch Pkwy #200, Ashburn, VA 20147

Dominion High School

dominion high school.png
Dominion High School, Sterling, VA. One of the recently built schools, and one of the county's best

Virginia Commonwealth University

Siegel center of Virginia Commonwealth University

Nova Community college

nova community college.jpg
Northern Virginia College
LW Department