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Atlantic City from Sandy

Devastating flood damage in Atlantic City by hurricane Sandy

Manassas Park- National Battlefield Park

This park provides the opportunity to explore the historic terrain where men fought and died more than a century ago. The park is located north of Manassas and preserves the site of two major American Civil War battles. Beautiful park to visit, know…

Pizzarama closed

shopping center in Fairfax, VA pizzarama after it closed down


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1861 Wiehle Avenue, Reston

Nice view of the parking lot in sun!

1982 Christmas Front Door at Herndon United Methodist Church when it was located at 655 Spring Street, Herndon, Virginia

Church door.JPG
In 1982 the congregation of Herndon United Methodist Church at 655 Spring Street in Herndon, Va decorated the front door for Christmas. Notice the stained glass window above the red doors. This congregation relocated to 701 Bennett Street in…

1986 Reconstruction First Baptist Church 681 Elden Street, Herndon

He Baptist 2.JPG
The First Baptist Church at 681 Elden Street in 1986 left only the front rock wall standing as they dug down for a basement addition to enlarge the building's space. After the basement was dug out the rocks that had been saved from the old church…

1987 Moving house in Herndon from Spring Street to Nash Street

Moving house real.JPG
This older home was located on what is now (2012)the commercial part of Spring Street in Herndon, Va. This house was moved by a local builder to a vacant lot on Nash Street in Herndon, Va and renovated and is now (2012) used as a residence.

200 Year Old Tree Rests on Power Lines (June 2012)

This is a very old, large tree that fell over on power lines near the Potomac River on Rt-15. What is amazing is that the tree did not knock the lines off the pole, but rather the power lines are supporting this tree in mid air!