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Manassas Battlefield Stone House 150th Commemoration

Manassas Stone House 150th commemoration battle.jpg
This is an image taken across the street (Intersection of Highway 29 and Route 234) from the historic Stone House, originally erected in 1848 as a wayside inn for travelers on the toll road from Fairfax County to Fauquier County. It is the site of…

Manassas Va old town movie theater

Old town Manassas movie theater. built in 1980

Manassas Train Station

manassas train .jpg
Manassas Train Station

Manassas VA Original Court House

manassas court house .jpg
Manassas VA, original court house built in 1897

Manassas Museum

The Manassas Museum was establish in 1975 to explain the town's role in the Civil War

City Hall - Manassas, Virginia

9027 Center St.
Manassas, VA 20110
Information: 703-257-8200

Amtrak - Manassas Station

9431 West Street
Manassas, VA 20110