Safeway sign

Safeway sign at Hunters Woods, 1993.
Courtesy: Fairfax County Department of Planning & Zoning

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Alexandria Library Special Collections
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Columbia University, Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library
Fairfax County Department of Planning & Zoning
Fairfax Library Virginia Room
George Mason University Special Collections & Archives
The Howard Hughes Corporation
Reston Historic Trust & Reston Museum
Torti Gallas and Partners
Washington, D.C., Public Library, Washingtoniana Collection


Outdoor event at Landmark Center

Outdoor event at Landmark, date unknown.
Courtesy: The Howard Hughes Corporation

I would like to thank the following people for their kind assistance and knowledge.

Jackie Cohan
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Greta Kuriger
Lynn Lilienthal
Carolyn Martin
Jason Moore
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Brett Perry
Leah Richardson
Robert E. Simon
Daryl Varney
Carolyn/Fairfax County Zoning Evaluation
Growing up in Alexandria, VA Facebook community

Landmark Mall holiday sign

Holiday season sign facing Duke Street at Landmark Mall, December 2011.
Photo: Amy Bertsch

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